This Year’s Roofing Trends In Topeka

Roofing Trends

A good roof will resist the storms we see in Kansas. However, many roofing products are still based on vertical fastening methods that tend to break out when exposed to high wind pressure, but there are newer roofing materials, with a unique fastening system that fixes them in several points by nailing them, so that the wind shear effect is practically eliminated.

Besides asphalt shingles, which continue to be the most popular material for roof coating around the country, due to the balance quality-price, Topeka roofing trends include an increasing preference for other materials such as metal shingles and stone coated metal shingles. People are more and more preoccupied with the effects of the global warming and they choose better materials for their homes, able to withstand extreme weather phenomena. The main features of metal shingles and stone-coated metal shingles are their strength and resistance to high wind pressure.

Metal shingles have a long list of advantages: ease of installation, low maintenance, lightweight, resistance to fire and energy efficiency, they are a favorite of the Wichita roofing contractors for durability.

If you do not like the look of a regular metal roof, you can opt for stone-coated metal shingles that combine the advantages of metal shingles with the appearance of natural stone materials.