Wichita Replacement Windows – What Are Your Options?

MidKansas Wichita Replacement Windows

If you plan a window replacement project for your Wichita home, you will soon realize the many options you have, because Wichita replacement windows come in different types, styles, sizes and shapes. The decision you make is going to influence the exterior curb appeal of your home, as well as its energy efficiency.

There are several factors you must take into account when choosing replacement windows, and they include:

  • Window glazing

Energy-efficient windows have at least two layers of glass (double-pane), but there are also triple-glazed windows which reduce the heat transfer even more.

  • Low E-coatings, tints and reflective films

These accessories are designed to improve window performance by reflecting the radiant solar energy striking the windows. Low-e coatings are a better solution than reflective films or tints because they can be formulated to either reflect solar radiation heat or to allow solar heat gain, depending on the occupants’ needs. Besides, they do not block natural light.

  • Materials

The most popular materials that windows are made from nowadays are PVC, aluminum and wood composite.

PVC windows are made to last, providing a great price-durability ratio and requiring very little maintenance.

Aluminum windows are robust and resistant to rust, providing a modern and stylish finish, in many colors.

Wood composite is a newer material, of very high quality, which is probably the best alternative to natural wood. WPC windows are consistent, waterproof, resistant to distortions, and have great adaptability to the outdoor environment.