Understanding The Durability Of Different Roofing Materials

Tips To Choosing The Right Durable Roofing Products

When people must choose materials for their new roof, there are a few factors that typically influence their decision: cost, lifespan, energy efficiency, sustainability and durability. Although we mentioned it last, durability is definitely not the least, because it is actually the factor that adds the most value to the money you pay, making your investment more or less worthy.

Cheaper materials are less durable, while the best materials are the most expensive, but they will make you save money in the long run, by allowing you to cut on repair costs and by making the roof last for several decades and even for a lifetime, if the durability of the materials is complemented by correct installation by Topeka roofing contractors with roofing knowledge and periodic roof maintenance.

These are some of the most durable roofing materials.


The durability of a metal roof translates into a long lifespan (50+ years) and comes from resistance in different meteorological conditions, fire resistance and impact resistance.

Plastic Polymer

This is another roofing material with a very long lifespan (50+ years), high hail ratings and resistance in inclement weather. Unfortunately, regular plastic polymer roofing is not sustainable, but you can always look for manufacturers who use recycled materials.


Slate is the most durable roofing material and may last up to 100 years and longer. It stands out from the competition by being fireproof and almost invincible to most weather phenomena. Considering its long lifespan and the fact that it can be recycled, slate is very sustainable.