Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Kansas Winters

Get Ready For Winter

Kansas can be divided into three climate zones – humid continental in the east, with cold or cool winters and hot, humid summers; humid subtropical in the center of the state and in the south, with hot, humid summers and mild, usually very wet winters and semi-arid steppe in the west, with very hot, relatively dry summers and changeable winters with temperatures varying from warm to very cold. Preparing Kansas homes for the winter requires more work in areas where winters are harsh, but homes need to be winterized even in areas where the cold months are not that cold – here are some of the most important tasks:

  • Clean the gutters and the roof – the weather is likely to involve some precipitation, wherever your home is located in Kansas and to be sure that rain or the snow is directed safely away from your walls and your foundation, you need clean gutters. Cleaning the roof is also essential for preserving its health and to reveal difficult-to-see roofing issues, enabling timely repairs, hire a great Wichita roofing company to do the work;
  • Check and repair the heating system – ensuring your heating system works well is also essential for being safe and comfortable in your home, so check every component of the system, clean the components and replace the filters;
  • Check the areas around the walls and the windows – if you see cracks there, use some caulk to seal those cracks to avoid the warm water inside your home to slip outside.