The Types of Storm Damage to Look Out for in Wichita

If you plan on moving to Wichita, Kansas, it’s important to make a note of the possible storm damage that might hit your home here. Wichita is right in the middle of Kansas, and has been hit hard by tornadoes in the past, which leads meteorologists to believe that such instances can repeat any time. Also, Wichita summers are uncommonly humid, leading to strong precipitation and winds hitting many times before autumn arrives.


Wichita has extremely dry and cold winters. During this time, snow storms might be out of the question in some cases, but the wind can be particularly harsh. Without having Wichita roofing contractors renew your siding, repairing your roof and adding some extra insulation, you might be in for a difficult winter this year.


In the summer, you can expect winds of more than 70 mph in some cases, and storms can hit hard as well. Look out for water and hail damage, and make sure you fortify your roof to avoid leaks and damaged shingles becoming a bigger problem than you’d be able to cope with.


If you fail to upgrade your roof and siding in Wichita, you might be in for a nasty surprise. The storms here are quite potent, and it’s not uncommon for fragile homes that don’t have the newest roofing and siding products to have to be completely renovated once spring arrives.