Popular Roofing Styles in Wichita

Simple modern roof designs are more and more popular in Wichita, for all types of buildings. Since modern architecture is characterized by flat roofs, you can see plenty of these in Wichita, on commercial and residential buildings. Other roofing styles include shed roofs and curved roofs.

Roof simplicity in form and function brings many advantages, in terms of performance and costs.

Modern flat roofs are an example of “clean lines”.  They can be accessible (unlike other roof styles), provide additional living or storage space and are used on Wichita`s tall buildings for displaying a beautiful panoramic view.

Modern shed roofs are also clean and functional. They create spacious attics, with significant interior volume, that allow greater natural light, as well as enhanced view. The slope of a shed roof can be designed to increase the energy-efficiency.

Versions of modern curved roofs can be admired on Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center or the Exploration Place. This roof type certainly has a visual impact and provides other important advantages: it eliminates the wasted space within a building, it reduces height and can be installed to maximize the distribution of natural light.

These modern curved roofs use a different building system, much better than the old standing seam type system, and require no extra costs or effort than regular pitched roof designs.

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