Issues with Wood Shake Roofs Wichita Companies Can Tell You About

wood shake roof Wichita roofing company dislikes


Most Wichita roofing companies will advise against keeping your old roof for too long, especially when it’s getting close to the end of its functional lifespan. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to decide on what type of replacement roof you should get. If you had a wood shake roof in the past, you might be tempted to get the same kind, although a lot of experts will actually recommend that you avoid that option.


The reason why wood shake roofing is not a good choice for Wichita is that the continental climate of Kansas can be very challenging on roofs that are prone to damage from precipitation and temperature changes over time. Storms are pretty common in the Wichita area, and the local region has frequent and sudden temperature changes throughout the winter and the summer. Sometimes summers can be uncommonly hot and humid, and the winters can reach surprisingly low temperatures on occasion.


While wood is a great insulator, and while it’s intact, a wooden roof can protect your home from both precipitation and temperature fluctuations, wood is also prone to damage. It can be affected by humidity, rain, hail and various pests and insects far more than other materials. Compared to wood shake roofing, you’ll find that your home will be far better protected in the long run by a dependable concrete, clay or metal roof.  No matter what you decide working with the best Wichita roofing company is the key for a successful efficient new roof.