How To Find The Source of Your Leaky Roof

how to find source roofing contractors leaky roof

In case your roof has missing shingles or there are water traces on your ceiling, that obviously means that your roof has leaks. It is best to find the leaky source before the entire roof gets damaged, causing even more serious problems to your home.

The Wichita roofing contractors inspection should be made after a heavy rain and it should be done with the help of a flashlight. The idea is that water typically reflects light. So what you need to do is go up there and identify the exact spot that is causing your roof to be leaky. This method can only be applied in case your house has an attic.

If your house does not have an attic, there are certain areas on your roof that can offer you clues about any leaky source. The places that you need to check include: flashings, the gaskets around pipes, the shingles, downspouts and gutters, ridge caps, or dormer valleys. Another spot where you can find leaks could be the so-called “boots”, namely the rubber sealing elements which are placed around the plumbing vent pipes and the electric service system.

Black marks, mold and water stains are some other clear indicators that there is a leak somewhere in the area.