How Roofers Stay Safe While On The Job

Safety Apart Of Every Roofers Job Training

Safety measures for roofing workers are mandatory and help them avoid personal injury, as well as damage to a client`s property. These measures are defined by the current legal provisions and roofing companies have the obligation to respect them.

Working at height is dangerous and requires great caution, regardless the pitch of a roof. The most common dangers that roofers are exposed to while working include:

  • Difficult weather conditions. Roofers work outdoors, during every season, which means that they must stay for hours in extreme heat, as well as in cold and slippery conditions
  • Working on ladders
  • Exposed vents, ductwork and other obstacles that may obstruct view
  • Dealing with other hazards such as debris, trees or wires.

In order to prevent accidents, the work site must be clean, organized and marked to keep pedestrians away.  Workers must wear adequate safety equipment that includes footwear with appropriate traction, hardhats, and safety glasses. They must secure their position on the roof using special fences, safety harness and other stabilizers used to secure ladders by keeping them steady and preventing damage to the gutters.

Not least, roof workers must clean up as they work, as do the roofers at, to avoid debris that may stay in their way.