Your Roof and the Weight of Kansas Winter Snow

Need Roofing Contractors To Remove Snow On Roof

Kansas gets average quantities of snow fall, but even so, extreme events can happen and when they do, they usually bring heavy snowing. The white, fluffy and powdery blanket that covers everything might delight the kids, but it makes life more difficult for humans, animals as well as for buildings, especially for roofs. Individual snowflakes might look lightweight, but when there are lots of them in the same place, they turn into an extremely heavy layer that presses hard on your roof and they can cause other issues that Kansas building owners need to pay attention to. Here they are:

  • Ice damming – the icicles that form on the roof edge appear when the warm air rising from the interior of the building melts the lower layers of snow on the roof and the melted water rolls down on the roof slope, freezing by the time it gets to the roof edge. Icicles are very heavy structures that can drag down even the strongest fascia or gutter pipe, so they need to be removed carefully;
  • Roof sagging or even collapse – roofs, even strong and healthy ones can collapse under the weight of snow, so the thick white blanket needs to be removed safely by good Wichita roofing contractors. Roof rakes are the simplest tools to use and also the tools that are the most efficient in relieving your roof from the weight of the snow.