Winter Roof Maintenance Basics

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Heavy snow may look idyllic in a photo or in a postcard but it is not good news for your rooftop. In the wintertime temperatures are decreasing, making you want to stay indoors as much as possible. But is very important for you to remember the importance of roof maintenance.

Although you can’t stop the snow from falling, the one thing you can do is to keep the roof dry as much as possible. Remove all the snow from your roof as it gathers. In time, by melting and then re-freezing, it may create a heavy weight on your roof. This leads to ice dams, which are a real issue for your own safety. You should also make sure that the attic has a solid insulation and ventilation system to prevent the mold.

Usually, these frozen precipitations accumulate into the gutter system. Make sure that there aren’t any ice dams or that your gutters are able to hold all that weight. Surrounding trees are often neglected and considered harmless. But a large number of dry leaves and dry little branches could be carried out by the wind right into the gutters and clog it.

From time to time, check the flashing. Even if you are sure that it was installed correctly, over time it may become loosened. If so, icy precipitation could easily enter your roof, creating water leaks.  Have roofing professionals at check your roof’s flashing.