Why Impact Resistant Shingles Are Great for Topeka Homes


Why Impact Shingles Are A Good Choice

Topeka is among the cities that get the most varied climate in the entire US – the humid continental climate in the area comes with hot, humid summers, cool, relatively dry winters, temperatures that can change a lot in a matter of minutes and with thunderstorms, hail storms, even tornadoes that can form quickly and devastate large areas in no time. Capricious weather calls for extra protection measures – small wonder impact resistant shingles are the Topeka roofing solutions preferred by so many local homeowners today. Here are some of the most important benefits offered by impact resistant shingles:

  • Improved longevity – though impact resistant materials have been initially designed to withstand hail and other kinds of large debris that might fall on roofs during storms, these special shingles are resistant not only to impact, but to excessive rain, harsh sunshine and to strong winds as well, so they can offer overall protection against all sorts of weather events;
  • Eligibility for insurance discounts – many insurers nowadays want to encourage the usage of impact resistant shingles, therefore they offer discounted premiums for homeowners who decide to upgrade their roofs to compensate for the higher initial costs of buying and installing this great, modern material.