Why Are Asphalt Shingles So Popular?

Roofing Products That Are Popular

Statistics show that asphalt shingles cover 3 out of 5 residential buildings in the US. There is no doubt that they are popular.

Asphalt shingles began to be used before 1900, but their popularity increased only after World War II and begun to achieve market dominance. Why are they still used today, when there are so many other alternatives, modern and more durable?

The answer is simple: asphalt shingles provide the best balance between price and quality for roofing Topeka homes. They are designed to last about 20 years, which is convenient for the price paid for their installation, as well as for their performance under various temperatures and weather manifestations. Materials that are more durable than the asphalt are also more expensive (significantly more expensive, in some cases!), and many people are not so willing to pay high upfront costs, not even for the extended life expectancy of these materials. Installation of these shingles is straightforward, they are lightweight and can be safely installed on any roof structure. They are also eco-friendly and recyclable.

We can safely say that asphalt shingles represent the most economic option able to keep up successfully with the demands for residential roofing in the US.