Why a Roofing Company’s Testimonials Matter

Client Testimonials matter roofing industry

Testimonials are a very powerful weapon of influence and, if used properly, can bring customers to a company, without the need for additional investment in expensive marketing and advertising materials.

A review is not only good for business marketing, but it is helpful for the overall professional image of a roofing company.

Testimonials make people feel more secure about any company, whether it is providing services or distributing various products. It is no secret: people want to follow other people who are like them. In the book “Psychology of Persuasion” – Robert Chaldini explains this phenomenon as social proof, that is, where there are many people doing something, most other people will assume that this is the right behavior.

Extrapolating, people who evaluate a Topeka roofing company in order to determine whether it is worth signing a contract with it, want to know if someone like them had a successful collaboration with that company and received quality services. This is particularly true in the roofing business, which typically deals with complex and expensive projects. Before signing a contract with a roofer, clients want to know that they are actually doing the right choice, and testimonials from previous clients can be decisive in making up their minds.

Authentic testimonials from existing customers can reduce the reluctance of potential customers. They can help business owners build a positive and real image for their company