Which Topeka KS Roofing Materials Can Withstand the Strongest Winds?

clay tile for roofing Topeka Homes


There is no need for a roof get damaged by a storm, or be replaced after a few severe events of this kind. There are good quality roofs that can last even for several decades. There are manufacturers that promise this, and you can trust the reputable one, because they do test their products in difficult conditions to obtain high quality certificates.

A roof which is manufactured to be resistant to storms will not get damaged so easily, so it will provide peace of mind, and also save you the discomfort that a damaged roof would create. You will not need to worry about finding a roofer willing to provide emergency services, each time when a storm strikes.

Here are a few materials used in roofing Topeka homes that have passed the tests and met the criteria of being class 4 storm resistant:

Metal Shingles

A quality metal roof system installed properly can withstand strong winds of up to 140 mph (a category 4 hurricane ranges from 130 to 155 mph), so it is one of the best protections you can get.

Clay and concrete tiles

Heavy roofs such as those covered with clay or concrete tiles are solid and resistant to hurricane-force winds. They allow natural ventilation, which also relieves wind stress.


Slate is the most durable roofing material. Many historic buildings scattered around the world have slate roofs that last to this day. And you cannot say they haven’t been affected by storms, considering their centuries-long lifespan.