When Should You Call a Roofing Contractor in Wichita?

When Roofing Wichita KS Is Needed

Calling a roofing contractor in Wichita is one expense you could do without. Or could you? There are far worse things than paying for regular roof maintenance or repairs.


If you kept putting off this necessary task, at least do not ignore the serious signs of roof damage and call a contractor as soon as possible:


  1. Gaps between the Tiles

A few tiles missing from the roof – no big deal! On the contrary, those gaps are entry points for water, mold and pests into your home. You will soon be faced with a more complex issue – and more expensive to remedy. Let’s not forget that mold and mildew are also dangerous for your health.


  1. Warped Tiles

Do you detect a wave pattern in your roof? This is not something to overlook. Warped tiles have been damaged by changing weather conditions and are no longer reliable. They need to be changed before they break down completely and expose your home to water infiltration and pests.


  1. Moldy Smell in the Attic

You should inspect your attic every once in a while and not just when you need to store items you don’t need. If you detect a moldy smell, then the roof insulation is compromised. You should have a roofing Wichita KS contractor check the issue and fix it. If the mold is contained, you can solve it with products sold in home improvement stores. However, if it spread, you may have to hire mold remediation