What Your Home Exterior Says About You

Curb Appeal Says A LotYour building exterior says as much about you as your interior design – here is what your visitors will think of you based on the way your home looks from the outside:

  • Bold colors – red, orange or blue accents can be used to create stunning looks. The people who are brave enough to use colors creatively on their building exterior are usually people who are not afraid to think outside the box and to find unusual solutions for common problems;
  • A friendly appearance created with small details and warm colors – such exteriors indicate a friendly, caring host who pay attention to every detail and who probably run a loving household as well;
  • Flowers in the windows – flowers are décor elements that transform even a building painted in cold colors into a welcoming place and they indicate homeowners who always find the best way to make the space their very own;
  • A neglected, dirty exterior – falling plaster, dirty doors and windows and window frames and a generally poor state of repair will make visitors and passers-by think that the owner of the home is not a very friendly person and they will also imply that the building’s interior is also dirty and neglected.

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