What You Should Know About Roof Repairs During December

Topeka Roofing Repairs During Cold Months

Roof repairs are possible throughout the year, December being no exception. However, the low temperatures and the snowing or the freezing rain that characterizes the month does impose certain limitations – here are some and some tips to tackle them:

  • Roof repair materials might behave differently in freezing weather – glues and other adhesives might lose their adhesive properties when the temperature drops under 40 degrees and asphalt shingles might become brittle, so before doing any work that involves these materials, you must consult the product labels to find out if the materials can be used in really cold circumstances, better yet, consult Topeka roofing experts;
  • The job site might be dangerous – surfaces can become slippery in cold weather, so never attempt any work on your roof without wearing proper work clothes and without using personal fall arrest systems. Don’t forget that any surface, even the ones that look perfectly dry, might become covered in an invisible layer of ice, so move carefully and always hold onto something firmly fixed while moving around on your roof;
  • Your body also behaves differently in cold weather – frostbite and dehydration can affect your body without you feeling it, so never spend more than half an hour on the roof at a time and spend your breaks in a warm room, drinking warm liquids, such as tea.