What Tools Are Needed For A DIY Roof Repair

Roofing Company and Required Tools

If you consider doing some roof repairs on your own to save money, you will need tools and special equipment. Also, a dependable buddy to help you will surely make your job easier and safer.

Working on the roof requires special safety precautions, so first of all, you must have a fall protection kit that has to include a roof anchor, rope lifeline, harness and a shock absorbing lanyard.

For safe access to the roof, you also need anti slip shoes, a ladder and maybe also a shingle lift ladder or a scaffold, if the housed has more than one story.  Of course, if it is something you cannot do safely, it is best to call Wichita roofing contractors to do the job.

As about the tools you need for the repairs, they may be a bit different, depending on the roofing materials. For example, for replacing asphalt shingles (which are the most common), you will need chalk line to place the shingles symmetrically, a crowbar to remove nails, a flat head shovel to remove the existing shingles easier, a power nailer, new nails and shingles, adequate sealant, tarp to cover the exposed roof if it rains, a utility knife if you must correct the size or shape of some shingles, flashing, aluminum drip edge as well as felt paper to put between shingles and wood sheathing.