What to Expect When Getting Replacement Windows

What to Expect Windows Replacement Installed


Replacing your windows is something that you should do in order to give your home a new look and to make it more energy efficient. But if this is your first time doing this, you may not know what to actually expect when getting Wichita replacement windows. The first thing you should know is that this operation can get quite messy. No matter how good your window replacement service is, debris and dust are to be expected when taking the old windows out. In order to keep that mess to a minimum make sure to move any furniture or other stuff you may have in the area and cover the floor with cloth or plastic covering to reduce the need of vacuuming.

Another thing you should expect when getting new replacement windows Wichita contractors install is that it can take up the better part of your day, or days, depending on how many windows you are getting replaced. A straightforward replacement usually takes around an hour. But that estimate can vary depending on the size of the window, the complexity of the job and the height that it is being done at. So, you can probably optimistically hope for about 4-5 windows being replaced per day. But take into account that you will also have to move stuff around and clean up once each day is done.