What Questions Should You Ask the Roofer Before Signing a Contract?

Whether your goal is to set up a brand new roof or to repair the old one, you might need the help of a dependable roofer in order to pull it off. Regardless of the nature of your problem, however, there are a few very important questions that you should always remember asking your roofer, before you decide to sign any kind of contract:


  • What is the full extent of the work they have to do, and how much will it cost? Make sure to always ask for a written estimate.
  • How long should you expect the work to last? In some cases, such as in the late autumn, you might end up in trouble if you hire the wrong roofer, and the job lasts long enough for the freeze to set in.
  • Do they have a roofing license? What about insurance? You have to not only ask about these issues, but also do your homework and check online to see whether the company’s insurance policy information and license number checks out.
  • What can they provide in terms of references or guarantees that they can do a good enough job on your roof? Aside from having proof that they’ve been in business for at least 5 years, the Wichita roofing company you hire should also put you in touch with past clients, or show pictures of their past successes, to provide evidence of their expertise.