What Materials Would a Wichita Replacement Window Company Recommend?

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The choice of materials for windows carpentry must be made depending on your budget, the type of building and its overall aspect, as well as on the level of protection and energy-efficiency you want to achieve.  Each material has its unique properties that are worth take into account.

Here are the most common materials recommended by Wichita replacement window companies.


This is a very popular material due to its high efficiency compared to other more traditional materials. Profiles made of PVC are reliable, resistant and allow easy handling. PVC windows are very versatile and meet many needs in terms of functionality and design. Moreover, they provide very good insulation, low heat transfer and easy maintenance.


WPC windows are improved compared to the traditional wooden windows. They resist exceptionally well to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, mold, insects and extreme temperatures. Upon request, WPC profiles can also be treated to be fireproof.


These Wichita replacement windows are increasingly popular due to their special features that make them ideal for any constructions with high demands in terms of thermal insulation and design. They are super resistant (fiberglass is a material comparable to cardboard fiber, but it is more flexible, therefore easier to use in the construction field) and offer excellent performance.