What Is The Process For Recycling Old Roofing Materials?

recycle wichita roofing products

The recycling process for old roofing materials depends from one material to another. While some materials, such as asphalt shingles, are completely recyclable, others may be less difficult to recycle, because there are few locations where this can be done. At the same time, metal and tile roofing systems are also less difficult to recycle.  The Wichita roofing company you have do your roofing project will most likely be recycling the old products.

As far as asphalt shingles are concerned, the main difficulty lies in finding a location where they will be accepted for recycling. Thus, shingles can be broken down and then added to hot asphalt shingle mixes. By recycling asphalt shingles, the emission of potentially harmful substances is also largely reduced.

Tiles can also be successfully recycled, too. For example, clay tiles can be taken down to pieces and used for baseball fields. It is very important to find the right solutions and prevent roofing materials from ending up on a landfill. Mostly any type of roofing product can be recycled.

Metal roofing is usually made with a large percent of recycled materials. According to the Metal Construction Association, most roofs have a recycled content somewhere between 25 and 95 percent. After being removed, metal roofs are entirely recyclable.

As far as clay and concrete tiles are concerned, because they are based on minerals, they can be recycled easily.