What Is Involved With Shingle Recycling?

Asphalt shingles are not only great, affordable and reliable roofing materials – they are also suitable for recycling. The old shingles removed from roofs no longer need to be sent to a landfill – in many cases, they are collected and transported to a specialized facility for recycling through grinding and other processes. The recycled shingles are then reused for making asphalt, roofing products, road maintenance products and energy.

The process of asphalt shingle recycling comes with many benefits:

  • Saving valuable assets – removed, old roofing shingles might not be useful for being installed on new roofs directly, but the materials that go into the shingles are highly valuable and can considerably offset the manufacturing costs of the new materials they are recycled into;
  • Environmental benefits – shingle recycling is also a great way to reduce the environmental impact and the raw material needs of making new materials for roads and for roofs and the process also improves the quality of the new materials;
  • Less burden for landfills – the shingles removed from roofs and dumped at landfills amount to o a significant volume. Shingle recycling by an environmental awareness Wichita roofing company reduces that volume, therefore it is a valuable process for reducing the burden supported by waste collection points.