What Are Water-Resistant Roofing Materials?

Weather Resistant Roofing Mid Kansas

The roof on your home works in synergy with the gutter pipes and the downspouts attached to protect the entire building from extreme weather and from the penetration of water. While every roofing material offers a certain level of protection from water, not all of them are equally resistant when exposed to excessive amounts of water over long periods. Here are some materials that offer superior water resistance:

  • Metal – the metal alloys used for manufacturing roofing materials are impervious to water. Most metal roofs are made from large panels, which means that they have fewer seams – a feature that further enhances water resistance;
  • Tiles – the manufacturing processes used for making clay tiles reduce the porosity if the material and roofing tiles are also very hard materials – two features that ensure the roofing material’s superior water resistance;
  • Rubber – rubber roofs are durable, affordable and suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications alike. The material offers superior water-resistance, but it requires professional installation by Wichita roofing contractors in handling rubber roofs;
  • Built-up roofs – BUR consists of multiple layers and they don’t have seems – qualities that make built-up roofs strong and resistant even during prolonged rainy periods or while snow is melting.