Unique Metal Roofing Installation Solutions for Wichita KS

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Metal is an ideal material for roofs due to its durability, the possibility of being recycled, its strength and low weight, and Wichita roofing contractors can give you all the information you need about unique metal roofing installation solutions that suit you.

Metal shingles are produced from steel, a material that is covered with a layer of zinc or a mixture of zinc and aluminum. This layer offers anticorrosive properties and mechanical protection against hail. In general, the outer layer is covered with paint and varnish, which also has a protective role, but also an aesthetic role, giving customers the opportunity to choose the color they prefer.

Some manufacturers also offer metal shingles coated with volcanic rock, in which case the resistance improves considerably.

There are several types of metal shingles that are made of aluminum and copper, metals that do not rust, but their costs are quite high, being also harder to install.

For the installation of a metallic roof, you will need the professional services of one of the Wichita roofing companies specialized in metal roofing, which will help you choose the right solution, taking into account the characteristics of your roof project (location, urbanism plan, roof slope, building architecture), the desired service life and the budget you have at your disposal.