The Benefits of New Siding

New Roofing Siding Benefits

Replacing the old, battered or damaged siding panels on your home with strong new ones comes with many benefits – here are some:

  • Increased curb appeal – this the most straightforward advantage of new siding: the new panels will make your home look so much better;
  • The opportunity to repair structural damage – the walls underneath your old siding might show signs of damage that you have no way to know about until you remove the panels. When the old panels are taken off, all the hidden problems will be revealed, so you can correct them and install your new siding on perfectly intact, strong walls;
  • Increased energy efficiency – modern siding panels are made from materials that provide great thermal insulation, making your home more energy-efficient by reducing energy exchange between the home and the outdoor area;
  • Increased protection – new siding panels can withstand more, they can stand stronger in front of tornadoes and prolonged exposure to moisture and they can fight back pest attacks, too;
  • Adding value to your property – all the above benefits increase the value of your property. If you want to sell your property soon, siding replacement by professional Topeka roofing contractors is surely worth the investment – you can include most of your costs into the selling price and the new panels will attract more buyers.

Your Roof and the Weight of Kansas Winter Snow

Need Roofing Contractors To Remove Snow On Roof

Kansas gets average quantities of snow fall, but even so, extreme events can happen and when they do, they usually bring heavy snowing. The white, fluffy and powdery blanket that covers everything might delight the kids, but it makes life more difficult for humans, animals as well as for buildings, especially for roofs. Individual snowflakes might look lightweight, but when there are lots of them in the same place, they turn into an extremely heavy layer that presses hard on your roof and they can cause other issues that Kansas building owners need to pay attention to. Here they are:

  • Ice damming – the icicles that form on the roof edge appear when the warm air rising from the interior of the building melts the lower layers of snow on the roof and the melted water rolls down on the roof slope, freezing by the time it gets to the roof edge. Icicles are very heavy structures that can drag down even the strongest fascia or gutter pipe, so they need to be removed carefully;
  • Roof sagging or even collapse – roofs, even strong and healthy ones can collapse under the weight of snow, so the thick white blanket needs to be removed safely by good Wichita roofing contractors. Roof rakes are the simplest tools to use and also the tools that are the most efficient in relieving your roof from the weight of the snow.

Tips about Getting Your Roof Winter Ready in Kansas

The state of Kansas, located on the rising part of the Great Plains, bounded by Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri, has three distinct climate zones – semiarid steppe in the west, humid subtropical in the south and in the center and humid continental in the east. The three climate zones come with different temperature ranges for the summer and the winter, but they all have one thing in common: the entire territory of the state is prone to extreme weather events, such as strong winds and tornados and winters can come with lots of snow. Due to these features, local building owners who want to preserve the health and strength of their roof need to pay special attention to pre-winter preparations – here are some important tasks:

  • Cleaning and inspection – roofs, gutters and downspouts need to be freed from any debris that has accumulated inside and on them and they also need to be inspected inch by inch to detect any faults that need attention. The person performing the inspection needs to look for any cracks, displaced components, dents, signs of rust and loose fasteners;
  • Timely repairs – all the issues detected during the inspection need to be fixed to restore the strength of the roof before winter comes;
  • Get a roof rake – these devices are excellent for relieving the roof from excessively thick layers of snow and from any excessive pressure.  Have a professional roofer from come out and do the snow removal for you.

How to Find Reliable Roofing Repair during the Holidays

A roof fault is a nuisance any time of the year, but during the holidays, when roofers take time off work as well, it can become a nightmare. However, finding a reliable roofer to fix your roof is not impossible in winter, either – here are some tips:

  • Search for emergency services online – the easiest way to find a reliable roofer to help you with your roofing emergency is to look for a roofer who provides emergency roofing services online, the roofers that work during the holidays will state so on their websites;
  • Contact the roofers with a Wichita roofing company personally – contacting roofers via email might be a great solution when you have time to get your roofing project handled, but not during the holidays, when you are pressed for time and there are only few roofers available. Increase the efficiency of your roofing repair by calling the roofers you have found;
  • Put up with a temporary solution – the winter holidays are a period of harsh weather and that aspect will determine the issues that can or cannot be tackled on your roof. Talk to your roofer about quick fixes that can save your home from further damage until the weather becomes warmer and the final repair can be completed.

What Difference Do Impact Resistant Shingles Make?

Roofing Shingles Resistant High Impact

Impact resistant shingles are designed to provide better protection in severe weather conditions involving frequent hailstorms, crosswinds and updrafts. They are rated class 4, which is an indicator of their resistance reinforcement.

This type of shingles theoretically last longer, but upgrading to it will also cost you a pretty penny – this is the reason why impact resistant shingles are not so popular yet. Many people still believe this investment is not worth it, although the extra reinforcement they carry ensures longer life expectancy, less maintenance, better protection, plus premium discounts offered by insurance companies.

If your home gets adverse weather constantly and your area is susceptible to hail pretty often, upgrading to impact resistant shingles is a good Topeka Roofing investment. You will be able to choose from various offers, depending on the manufacturer and the type of impact resistant shingles you prefer.

Making such an investment requires some serious evaluation with the return on investment. Make sure to consider the climate in your area, how long you plan to live in that area and the various discounts you can get; this way, you can make an informed decision, whether it concerns upgrading or not upgrading to impact resistant shingles.


Making A Schedule for Roof Maintenance

Importance Of Schedule Roofing Maintenance

Roof maintenance is essential for preserving your roof in good condition and for helping it stay strong whatever weather comes along. Here is how to schedule maintenance tasks:

  • Professional inspection, cleaning and repair twice a year – the winter and the summer are the two harshest seasons for roofs, therefore the two professional maintenance sessions should be scheduled for spring and for fall, to address any damage caused by harder periods and to prepare the roof for the next round. The maintenance sessions should include inspection, cleaning and repair of any fault detected, on the roof as well as on the adjacent parts, such as the gutters;
  • Inspections after storms – even the strongest roof can be affected by a really strong storm, so you need to take a look at the roof after each extreme event. Have the Topeka roofing contractors start the inspection in the attic, to see whether there is any sign of water damage, such as dampness on the attic floor, then check the roof surface, the flashing around the chimneys and the skylights, the vents, the gutters and the downspouts as well. Look for damage and remove any debris that you find to avoid the accumulation of moisture and clogging.

What Tools Are Needed For A DIY Roof Repair

Roofing Company and Required Tools

If you consider doing some roof repairs on your own to save money, you will need tools and special equipment. Also, a dependable buddy to help you will surely make your job easier and safer.

Working on the roof requires special safety precautions, so first of all, you must have a fall protection kit that has to include a roof anchor, rope lifeline, harness and a shock absorbing lanyard.

For safe access to the roof, you also need anti slip shoes, a ladder and maybe also a shingle lift ladder or a scaffold, if the housed has more than one story.  Of course, if it is something you cannot do safely, it is best to call Wichita roofing contractors to do the job.

As about the tools you need for the repairs, they may be a bit different, depending on the roofing materials. For example, for replacing asphalt shingles (which are the most common), you will need chalk line to place the shingles symmetrically, a crowbar to remove nails, a flat head shovel to remove the existing shingles easier, a power nailer, new nails and shingles, adequate sealant, tarp to cover the exposed roof if it rains, a utility knife if you must correct the size or shape of some shingles, flashing, aluminum drip edge as well as felt paper to put between shingles and wood sheathing.


Ways To Tell If Your Roof Has Been Damaged

Roofing Contractors Can Tell You If Your Home Has Roof Damage

Roof damage is tricky, because it comes in different forms and it may be difficult to identify, if you are not experienced. Some roof damage is minor and can be fixed easily, while other types of damage may require complete roof restoration.

Nobody wants to have a damaged roof, but unfortunately it may happen and you have to know what to do if you have it.

The causes of roof damage include:

  • Bad weather
  • Faulty initial installation
  • Low quality materials
  • Improper roof maintenance and exploitation

Sometimes, roof damage is obvious, other times it is hard to spot. If you do not want to miss it, make sure you schedule periodic maintenance and also bring professional Topeka roofing contractors to do an inspection after each major weather phenomena.

Common signs of damage include:

  • Missing shingles from the roof
  • Broken shingles – If you identify parts of broken shingles scattered in your yard, make sure they are from your roof and not from your neighbor’s!
  • Granules in the gutters – This may be a sign of roof damage, but also a sign that your roof is simply old, but if you notice them immediately after a storm, your roof may have damage from hail, wind or impact with fallen tree limbs.

Choosing the Best Water Resistant Roofing Materials for Your Home

The Best Choice In RoofingKeeping rainwater out of your home is one of the main tasks assigned to your roof. Although not an easy task at times, the best Topeka roofing systems can do a good job of that for up to about 50 years without needing expensive repairs. However, if you want to make sure that water won’t be an issue, you also have cheaper options, as long as you go for water-resistant roofing:


  • Metal roofing is one of the best option if you need a low-budget roof that can withstand almost anything, including water. Steel roofs are the best in this regard, and they don’t require any extensive maintenance either. They are also quite easily able to last for up to 50-60 years.
  • Concrete roofs are somewhat on the expensive side, but they can still last quite a long time, and they can also be quite water-resistant. Also, concrete is extremely hard and resilient, so you don’t have to worry about it succumbing to hail storms either.
  • If you really don’t have a lot of money, even composite asphalt shingles can be made water-resistant with some good coating and the help of an experienced contractor. The installation process here is extremely important, since the workers have to make sure your roof is properly set up.

The Most Common Roof Repairs that Any Building Owner Can Expect to Need

Common Roof Repairs

Roof repairs, whether minor or extensive, are costly, uncomfortable and they disrupt the daily routine of your entire household. However, most roofs do need repair eventually, so here are some of the most common repair types that you should prepare for:

  • Leaks – the roof surface, whatever material is made from, however professionally it is installed, takes a lot of beating from the elements. Rain, snow, hail, sun and wind – they are all damaging for roofs, causing roofing covers to crack, chip, break, tear and curl. The most common symptom of compromised roof surface integrity is the appearance of leaks, with leak repair being the most type of repair intervention needed on roofs;
  • Flashing repair – the stripes of material used for reinforcing roof areas where contiguity is disrupted can easily get damaged, therefore flashing repair or replacement is also very common;
  • Repair for damage caused by trees – a large tree standing next to the house, offering its shade and beauty is a great thing, but large branches torn off of such trees and dropped onto the roof are among the most common causes of damage and also among the most common reasons why people need roof repair;
  • General neglect – neglecting roof maintenance is another very common cause of extensive roof damage that roofers with a local Wichita roofing company are hired.