Types of Gutters to Consider – What Gutters Should You Use for Your Home?

Consider Screened Gutters

Gutters are made to channel the rainwater away from your home and to the surrounding environment. While gutters have been greatly perfected in recent years, there are only a few designs and materials that really stand out in terms of both their appearance and their efficiency:


  • Mimicking crown molding, the front side of a K-style gutter system can definitely be extremely attractive and appealing. You can consider different styles and shapes, and the system itself is very efficient as well.
  • Another style you might want to look into is the “half-round” style. Half-round gutters are exactly what the name suggest, being shaped like a cylinder sliced in half and typically made from copper or other metallic materials.
  • Aluminum gutter systems are some of the most popular due to the unique property of aluminum to be resilient, easy to work with and extremely light. If you need repairs or a gutter replacement, you won’t have to look too far to find a reliable Topeka roofing contractor with experience who can help you out.


These and many other types of gutter systems can also be used with gutter guards to enhance t heir efficiency and appeal. If you want your gutter system to last longer, then using one of these three types of gutters with the addition of a reliable system of gutter guards should be your prime concern.