Tips for Shopping for Replacement Windows

Replacing old windows is an excellent way to improve the looks of your home, to improve the thermal comfort inside the house and to reduce heating and cooling bills as well – here are a few tips to help you if you need new windows:

Install The Right Windows For The Space

  • Make accurate measurements to find out the exact size of your new windows – measure the space between the jambs to find out the width, measure the width of the window opening and the surrounding slot and also measure the depth both outside and inside the window. Make three measurements for each of the dimensions, on the top, in the middle and in the bottom and use the smallest measurement for ordering your window.
  • Choose the glass – double or triple-pane windows with inert gas between the glass sheets are the best insulators.
  • Look for Energy Star rated windows to make sure your new windows provide the airtightness and the efficiency that you are looking for.  You wouldn’t normally think of asking your local Topeka roofing contractors about windows, however they do a great job at it, and can give you great advice too.
  • Frame material – wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass are the most common frame materials. Wood is the most expensive, but the most attractive solution, vinyl is cheap and efficient, but it comes mostly in white only, fiberglass is versatile in terms of design and also affordable, while aluminum is attractive and durable, but it is a bit behind the others in terms of thermal insulation.