Tips for Hiring Good Construction Employees

The recession that affected the construction industry during the last few years and from which the industry is recovering has led to a significant shortage in labor force. Many experienced construction employees were forced to switch careers and now that the industry is flourishing again, there are lots of job openings that employers find increasingly difficult to fill. Despite these difficulties, employers need quality employees if they want to deliver quality projects and provide quality services, so here are a few tips about how to find the best new team-members in these tough times:

  • Filter the resumes you receive based not only on technical skills, but also based on essential skills such as problem solving, communication and decision making, planning and organizing skills;
  • Implement internship and apprenticeship programs – these programs will allow you to train promising young candidates to be able to work at your standards, this is absolutely important for a dependable Wichita roofing company striving to be the best in the industry;
  • Develop and implement a suitable interviewing and testing strategy – during a good interview, the candidate has the opportunity to prove his skills and to convince you that he or she will be able to fit in with your corporate culture, so take the time to develop a suitable recruitment system;
  • Ask for and check references – knowing what previous employers think about the candidate you are considering is very important, so do not neglect this phase.