Tips from Wichita Roofing Companies –How to Keep Storm Damage at a Minimum

Top Tips Roofing Companies Wichita

Large storms can ruin big investments, which is why it is very important to keep a house insulated properly. Storms can damage roofing by means of: debris, wind, hail and even rain.

Thunderstorms and hurricanes can damage the shingles by lifting and curling them, which is why roofing companies Wichita KS has recommend having protective underlayment beneath the shingles in order to avoid leaks into the home.

Extensive rainfall can cause water damage. As a result, Wichita roofers recommend proper drainage and beefing up weakened spots. They also advise on unclogging clogged gutters before any storm or even rain.

Hail damage can make a dent in shingles. It can also crack and peel the edges of shingles, which is why, according to Wichita roofing contractors, protective coating is usually required. In addition, dented shingles can be the result of the first layer of granules being damaged. In such cases, the layer underneath is usually exposed to the elements and the roof has to be fixed right away to avoid further damage.

Damage from debris (such as branches, twigs and trash) can lead to wet spots on the ceiling. These spots are a sign of damaged shingles and it is advisable to identify the leaks and fix them as soon as possible to prevent extensive damage.

Wichita contractors suggest that missing shingles be covered using a temporary tarp in order to protect the house from leaks. Moreover, in such cases, it is recommended to call emergency services as well.

Other types of advice include safety measures such as never using a ladder by oneself and calling a professional to deal with tricky repairs. However, if the damage done to the roof is not extensive, it should be carefully evaluated in order to spot leaks and repair them as soon as possible. Finally, it also makes sense to check windows, gutters, roof vents and the siding of the house in order to make sure that everything is functioning properly and is damage-free.