Tips for Saving on Heating Costs with Your Roof

Tips To Save On Heating Bill

A properly designed roofing system not only adds value and curb appeal to your home – it also ensures the home’s energy balance, allowing you to heat and to cool your rooms to the desired temperatures while paying less for energy. Here are a few of the ways that a good roof can help you save on heating costs:

  • Proper roofing material – modern Topeka roofing materials have great reflective properties, meaning that they are able to reflect back much of the solar energy they come into contact with, thus reducing the roof’s temperature by around 30% even on the hottest summer day. Other materials, designed for cold climates, serve as an efficient barrier in front of the warmed air rising from inside the home, keeping it inside;
  • Proper insulation – a good roof is also one that has proper insulation. The insulation is essential for keeping scorching heat outside in summer and warm air inside in winter, therefore it contributes significantly to lowering energy-related expenses;
  • Proper ventilation – a good roof is designed in a way that ensures the proper circulation of air under the surface. Good ventilation makes sure that air does not get trapped under the roof and the attic stays dry, which will make it easier to heat the interior of the home, too.