Tips for Preparing Your Roof for Autumn’s Leaves

Preparing Your Roof During The Autumn Season

Autumn is not only the time when temperatures start to be more bearable and kids go back to school – it is also the time of the year when your entire property, especially your roof need to be prepared for more rain, for falling leaves and for the quickly approaching winter. Here are a few things you can do to help your roof do its job:

  • Trim the trees above the roof – branches falling off trees are a major cause of roofing damage, so inspect the trees that have branches reaching over your roof and trim them if you see any signs of aging, illness or damage. Trimming will also reduce the quantity of the leaves falling on your roof and into your gutters;
  • Clean the roof – when you are done trimming, remove the debris that has accumulated on the roof. Use your garden hose, not a pressure washer because pressurized water can damage the surface of your roof cover materials, especially shingles;
  • Clean the gutters – leaves tend to form clogs in the gutters and in the downspouts, so clean your pipes after the trimming and repeat the inspection and the cleaning every few weeks;
  • Inspect and repair the roof and the gutters – when everything is clean, perform a thorough inspection of the roof and of the gutters or have Topeka roofing contractors do the job safely to detect any cracks, dents, buckling, curling or corrosion and do the necessary repairs while the weather is still fine and dry.