Tips for Planning Out A Home Renovation

Planning is essential for any home renovation project, at least as important as the renovation process itself. Here are some tips about how to do it right and how to avoid having some unpleasant surprises later:

  • Be realistic when you allocate the budget – your home renovation project should not strain your finances, so decide exactly how much you can allocate to the project. Whatever type of renovation you want to carry out, be aware that by the end it will cost at least 15-20% more than the amount you planned to spend, so identify the processes that you can and cannot handle with that margin in mind;
  • Create a detailed design, with thoroughly researched materials and solutions – take your time to figure out exactly what you want. Figure out the materials that you will use, the colors, the textures; determine whether you will need any specialized work, such as electrical work or plumbing;
  • Determine what you can do on your own – putting in some work of your own will surely reduce your costs, but you need to be realistic when identifying the project phases that you can handle and the ones that you will need contractors for.

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