Tips about How to Prepare for Kansas Hail Storms

Tips To Prepare For Hail Storm

Kansas has varied climate, with humid continental zones in the northeast, semiarid steppe in the west and humid subtropical climate in the south-central area, but all areas share a common feature: the high likelihood of the development of strong hail storms. While hail damage cannot be entirely prevented, it can be efficiently mitigated by implementing the right measures. Here is how to prepare for Kansas hail storms:


  • Preparing your landscape – if you have large trees in your yard or in your garden, trim them regularly to preserve their health and strength and to prevent weakened branches from getting smashed into your building by the high winds associated with hail storms;
  • Fortifying your roof – proper roofing maintenance that includes regular roof inspections by Wichita roofing contractors and timely repairs are also essential for homes in hail-prone areas;
  • Protecting your building – impact resistant shutters are essential for protecting your windows and it is also a great idea to choose siding panels made from impact resistant material to protect your walls against impact, rain and wind;
  • Preparation for an approaching storm – if a storm is announced, move your outdoor furniture inside, take your car to a sheltered garage, make sure that your pets are in a safe place, charge your phones and laptops and disconnect the electricity inside the home to prevent electric fires.