Tips about How to Keep Up with Home Repairs

Keep Up With Home Repairs All Year

Living in a single-family home is more fun that living in an apartment, but having to take care of a larger building, maybe even of a yard and a garden means much more work the year around. There is always something to do and to repair around a house – here are a few of the most important seasonal chores:

  • Spring – this is the time for detailed inspections around the house to check for any damage caused by ice, snow and freezing temperatures and to carry out the necessary repairs. Check the walls, clean and inspect the roof and the gutter, then do the same on your deck or patio and fix the issues or call a professional Wichita roofing company to fix them. Spring is also a time for exterior and interior painting. When the warm weather settles in, clean your garden and prune your plants to prepare them for blooming;
  • Summer – the hot season is a time not only for enjoying your home and your landscape, but also for gardening work and for some maintenance of the systems that ensure your thermal comfort inside the house. Test and maintain your cooling system to prepare for the hottest day and regularly check the filters in your pool, too;
  • Fall – this is the time to prepare everything on your property for the winter. Clean, inspect and repair your roof and your gutters, remove water from your sprinklers, clean your deck and your outdoor furniture and move sensitive items inside;
  • Winter – remove snow from your garden paths and from your yard and perform regular inspections around the house, especially in areas that you don’t use much.