Tips about Getting Your Roof Winter Ready in Kansas

The state of Kansas, located on the rising part of the Great Plains, bounded by Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri, has three distinct climate zones – semiarid steppe in the west, humid subtropical in the south and in the center and humid continental in the east. The three climate zones come with different temperature ranges for the summer and the winter, but they all have one thing in common: the entire territory of the state is prone to extreme weather events, such as strong winds and tornados and winters can come with lots of snow. Due to these features, local building owners who want to preserve the health and strength of their roof need to pay special attention to pre-winter preparations – here are some important tasks:

  • Cleaning and inspection – roofs, gutters and downspouts need to be freed from any debris that has accumulated inside and on them and they also need to be inspected inch by inch to detect any faults that need attention. The person performing the inspection needs to look for any cracks, displaced components, dents, signs of rust and loose fasteners;
  • Timely repairs – all the issues detected during the inspection need to be fixed to restore the strength of the roof before winter comes;
  • Get a roof rake – these devices are excellent for relieving the roof from excessively thick layers of snow and from any excessive pressure.  Have a professional roofer from come out and do the snow removal for you.