Thinking of the Most Exciting New Designs for Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling has advanced to a great extent these past few years states skilled Topeka roofing contractors in your area. Although modern trends do require a few prerequisites, such as the use of more durable, eco-friendly materials and insulation, the creative freedom they offer is limited only by your own imagination.


The Eco-Friendly Family House


One of the newer tendencies of exterior design is to combine the simplicity of a family house with the advancements of energy-efficient and eco-friendly installations. While outfitting your house with a copper roof, new energy-efficient windows and a rooftop solar panel system, choose cozy, family-friendly colors and siding options that will make your home look like the most inviting building in the neighborhood.


Clean Landscaping


Exterior remodeling can be improved a great deal with the help of tasteful landscaping. Aside from just adding a nice paint job and energy-efficient windows, try extending that stylish, clean look to your garden and walkways. Period porch lights, beautiful stone walkways, well-placed trees and a relaxing mini Zen garden can give your home that appealing, harmonious look you’ve been looking for.


The Advantages of Concrete Homes


Concrete siding and home designs have been under the spotlight for the past few years. Aside from the numerous energy-efficiency and durability-related advantages associated with concrete siding, there is also higher economic value in store. Also, concrete siding can make your house look more stylish and traditional, and it can be a great practical alternative to wood in areas where the risk of fire damage is more prevalent.