Things to Make Sure You Tell Your Roofer About Your Home

Things To Tell Your Roofer

When you call an experienced roofer to maintain, fix or replace your old roof, there are many things that he will notice by simply looking at the roof, but even so, there are lots of details that only you, the homeowner can provide and are essential for the success of your roofing project – here are some:

  • The age of the roof – knowing how old your roof exactly is allows the roofer to provide the most suitable repair solution as well as to anticipate future issues, so he can customize not only the repairs, but the maintenance processes as well;
  • Previous roofing issues – providing a list with all the previous roofing problems and repairs is also essential for your roofer because those repairs will indicate the roof’s weak points that he needs to pay special attention;
  • Your intentions and preferences – you need to tell your roofer exactly what it is that you want him to do. If your roof needs to be replaced, but you are not ready for the project yet, you and your Wichita roofing company can work out a plan to fortify the roof temporarily to make it resist until you can start the replacement; if you want your roof to be replaced, you can work out the details, such as the materials and the solutions to be used and you can also ask your roofer to develop a maintenance plan to prolong the life of your roof.