Things to Consider About Winter Roof Repairs

Options For Winter Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are usually done from spring to early fall, but roofing emergencies are not choosy when it comes to timing and weather – if they come in winter, winter is the time when they need to get fixed. As a matter of fact, roofing repairs can be almost as efficiently done in winter as in any other season, with a few limitations – here is what you should know about fixing your roof in winter:

  • Temperature limitations – some roofing materials, such as metal, clay and stone are not sensitive to temperature, so the roofs that use these materials can be repaired in freezing temperatures, but materials that are fastened or repaired with glue or heat, such as membranes cannot be handled when temperatures drop under 40 degrees. Most roof shingles are also sensitive to cold and they temporarily lose their flexibility, so they are not handled when it is too cold outside;
  • Prices – most professional roofers work for lower fees in winter than in summer or early fall, the peak period in the industry.

If your roof starts leaking or you are facing some other type of roofing emergency, call a roofer right away from – even if your roof is made from a material that is sensitive to cold weather, your roofer will come up with a temporary solution that you can use until the weather becomes warmer.