The Most Common Roofing Problems Seen During the Winter

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Some people might think that the winter season is free of any roofing problems, since precipitation mostly involves snow, and so there aren’t many chances of leaks occurring. However, there’s usually a lot more to a problematic roof than just the leaks that are the end result of damaged flashing – which, incidentally, can be a common problem regardless of the season; yes, even in winter!


Condensation and the formation of ice dams due to poor ventilation and insulation are two of the main culprits behind most of the roofing problems you might face during the winter. Condensation causes moisture which can lead to the development of mold and mildew, damaging the internal structure of your roof and home over time. Ice dams can lead to a heavier load on your roof, accentuated by the build up of snow during a snow storm. The heavy load can cause internal damage and even cause your doors to be hard to open or close properly.


Nature also becomes somewhat of an enemy during the winter. The chance to find animals burrowing in certain areas of your roof in search of warmer accommodation and the chance of a storm blowing tree branches towards your roof and damaging it are much higher in the winter than in most of the other seasons. To prevent long term damage and problems, have Topeka roofing contractors inspect your roof regularly and call your local roofing experts, if you find anything out of place.