The Importance of Replacing Your Windows Once They Start to Leak

important replacement windows replace leaky window Wichita Provia Brand

 Wichita windows are exposed to a lot during their lifetime – the local climate comes with hot and humid summers, which expose windows to strong heat and UV radiation as well as to high levels of humidity and with cold and dry winters which also causes thermal stress to your windows. One of the first signs that indicate severe window damage is leaking air or water, so here are a few reasons why you should proceed to replace leaky windows with Provia replacement windows Wichita area right away:

  • Excessive moisture inside your building – leaky windows will let too much moisture accumulate inside the house, which will inevitably lead not only to a stale smell, but also to the appearance of rot and mildew in your rooms. Air that is laden with too much moisture and the presence of rot and mildew will make the air inside your home unhealthy to breathe and it might give rise to a variety of health problems, from breathing problems to skin irritations and many more.
  • Unnecessary energy loss – leaky windows will also compromise the thermal stability and the energy efficiency of your entire building, letting heated air out in winter and hot air in during the summer. This also means that leaky windows will directly contribute to a significant increase in energy bills.