The Importance of Checking Your Windows for Leaks During Storms

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In addition to the flat contact surfaces that insulating windows must have, it is necessary that they be equipped with a complete and quality hardware system that ensures a constant pressure throughout the perimeter of the sash, in order to avoid deformations that a window may suffer over time.

It is important to check your windows for leaks, during storms, because that is the moment when you are most likely to discover that they have some problems.

Watertightness problems in windows can occur due to malfunctions such as:

  • excessive wear of the sealing gaskets
  • modifications of the shape of the window frames
  • damaged hardware
  • damaged or incomplete locking system

These malfunctions will generate other problems with the windows, related to their tightness, energy efficiency and sound proofing: the penetration of cold air and noise, as well as water infiltrations. Thus, the thermal, sound and waterproofing efficiency of your windows will decrease significantly.

To prevent this, it is important to check your windows on a regular basis. If you identify the slightest problems, call professional window companies Wichita KS repair services, which will attempt to fix your windows, and, if the repairs are no longer efficient (the windows are too old, the damage is too extensive, etc.), they will recommend you the best Wichita replacement windows.