The Homeowner’s November Roof Inspection Checklist

Roof Inspection Checklist

November in many geographic regions is the last month without snow – the weather is usually chilly already, but precipitation comes mostly in the form of rain. Homeowners have a lot to do around the house in November – they need to prepare their entire property for the cold months, not only the outdoor space around the house, but the building itself, too and building prepping involves some work done on the roof as well. Here are some activities to include into your November roofing checklist – activities that are important for going through the without any roof leaks and other roofing problems:

  • Trim overhanging tree limbs, especially if they seem old and drying – they might be torn off by the wind and dropped onto your roof, causing serious damage;
  • Clean the roof and the gutters – start with the roof surface and continue with the gutters only when you are done with the rest of the roof. Make sure you scrape off any debris that has accumulated on the roof;
  • Detailed inspection and repair by experienced Wichita roofing contractors – when the roof and the gutter are clean, you can take a close look at your roof and gutters. Inspect every inch of the roof surface, including the roof valleys, the vents and the flashing and correct the issues that you find. Replace chipped or cracked tiles, cupping or buckling shingles, damaged flashing, then inspect your gutters and downspouts and repair them if necessary.