The Best Shingles for Kansas – Roofing Materials and Climate Zones

The state of Kansas can be divided into three different climate zones: semi-arid steppe with hot and dry summers and winters that range from warm to very cold in the western part, humid subtropical in the South-East, with mild winters and hot, humid summers and humid continental areas with cold winters and hot, wet summers in the eastern counties. Each climate zone requires a different approach when it comes to choosing roof shingles – here are the best shingle types for the different areas:

  • Homes in semi-arid steppe areas are best protected with roofs that ventilate well, have high thermal value and are suitable for the domed roofs so common in the region. Architectural shingles work perfectly, especially as they are available in light colors that reflect heat rather than absorb it,


  • Humid subtropical areas get high precipitation the year-round, so the shingles that best fit these special circumstances are fiberglass shingles. Wood shingles can also be used as long as they get suitable coating to prevent moist-related damage


  • The buildings in humid continental areas need shingles that are resistant to humidity and are able to hold up the weight of the snow blanket in winter, so architectural shingles are great, affordable solutions.

As a homeowner it is always best to leave the decision of the best product up to the professionals.  A Wichita roofing company has the latest roofing products and is best to consult with them.