The Best Roofing Tips for Dealing with Slate Roof Maintenance

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Slate roofs are installed very often to protect luxury houses or historical buildings. Although it is an expensive choice, the natural look, durability, and exclusive style offered by slate make this natural stone an unparalleled option for roofing Topeka historical buildings.

These are a few of the benefits of installing a slate roof:

  • Energy efficiency: Slate has excellent insulation properties. It is dense, which allows it to prevent air transfer. As a result, cool indoor temperatures will be maintained in summer, and warm air temperatures will be maintained during the cold season.
  • Fireproof: Considering it is a natural rock, slate is entirely fireproof, unlike other materials. Slate roofs also resist very well to solar exposure and are one of the best options in areas at risk of wildfires.
  • Longevity: Properly installed and cared for, slate-coated roofs can last at least a century, especially if equipped with high-performance insulation. Therefore, your investment will be very long-term.

When it comes to maintaining a slate roof, the costs are minimal. Apart from regular inspections to detect and replace damaged tiles (operations for which it is best to contact professional roofers!), there are tiny things for you to do. Ensure the drainage system is clean and in good shape and install a de-icing solution to prevent problems specific to the cold season.