The Benefits Of Metal Roofing In Wichita, KS: Durability And Energy Efficiency

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Whether it is about installing a roof on a new house, or renovating the existing roof, there are many materials available for your roofing project. However, regardless of the type of the roof, metal shingles are a very attractive option for roofing due to their resistance, longevity, minimal maintenance and energy efficiency.

Metal roofs are an increasingly common choice. There are a lot of common metals that roofs can be made out of, including galvanized and weather-resistant steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and tin. These products come as pre-formed and granularly coated panels, and are highly resistant to corrosion. They are manufactured in different styles, and they can even mimic the appearance of slate or tiles, and they are resistant to wind, fire and impact.

Among all the benefits of a metal roof when installed by a metal roofer Wichita area is the service life is the most important aspect. If you opt for state-of-the-art metal roofing solutions, such as aluminum shingles, your roof will protect you for more than 50 years. Shingles made of zinc or copper can last even 100 years.

Another advantage of metal roofing is its positive impact on the level of energy efficiency. A metal roof manages to maintain a better thermal balance, keeping cool temperatures inside the houses in summer, and optimal temperatures in winter. This happens due to the fact that the metal reflects the sun, so it does not overheat in the summer, while in winter, with proper insulation, it prevents heat loss very efficiently.