Talking to Your Roofing Company about Climate-Specific Roofing Products

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As a customer, one can decide on climate-specific roofing products by consulting with a roofing company. For cold temperatures and snow, asphalt shingles are usually the best choice. They are affordable and can last up to thirty years in moderate weather. Being made of fiberglass, they reflect sunlight and resist tearing. Similarly, metal roofing reflects heat and sun rays but, unlike asphalt shingles, can also withstand storms and even hurricanes. Furthermore, its durability and eco-friendliness often add to its high quality, and its ability to reflect heat makes it perfect for keeping houses cool during summer. However, the fact that it is pretty pricey makes it a less viable option.

For weather fluctuations, roofing companies Wichita KS has recommend durable roofing solutions like slate tile roofs, suggesting clay tiles for high temperatures. The latter option is fire resistant, recyclable as well as light-colored.

Wood shingles are generally preferred to ensure protection from constant rain due to their excellent insulation value. They are resistant to moisture, pocket-friendly, and visually appealing because of their rustic appearance.

Roofing companies also provide free maintenance advice that usually consists of inspections to identify broken shingles, moss removal to avoid rotting, strategies to clear branches (that can snap onto the roof), and debris (that can lead to pooling).