Steps to Take When Your Home Has Hail Damage

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Hailstorms cause millions of dollars of damage each year and put thousands of property owners into difficult situations. Many homeowners don’t know what to do if their home is devastated by hail – if you are one of them, here is some help:

  • Document the damage right after the storm – take photos and video footages of every damaged spot, of the siding panels, the doors and the windows, the fence, the deck, the roof as well as of the landscape. If the hailstorm has caused a leak in the roof, document that, too. Make sure that the date and the time when you take the pics appears on the images as well as on the video. Take close-ups of the hailstones, too, placing a ruler next to the ice balls to demonstrate size;
  • Make sure that any cleaning or repair can be done safely – if the severity of the damage makes it necessary, disconnect utilities to prevent accidents;
  • Call professionals – the best way to start any repairs after a hailstorm is to turn to professionals – your contractors at will know how to perform repairs safely and efficiently;
  • Put together your insurance claim file – if your home insurance covers for hail damage, contact your insurer or your insurance broker and find out what the claim file needs to include, then assemble and submit the document.