Signs Your Shingles Are Not as Strong as They Should Be

Weakened Roofing Shingles

Shingles make great, durable roofing solutions, but they can become weaker as they age. Here are a few signs that tell you your shingles are becoming weak:

  • Leaks – roofing leaks are the most common sign of an aging shingle roof, especially if the leaks are increasing in size and frequency;
  • Moisture or water in the attic – unusual drops of water in your attic area also indicate that your roof no longer keeps water out;
  • Blistering – the bubbles on the surface of the shingles are usually signs that water has penetrated underneath the topmost layer of the shingles and is trapped there;
  • Cupping and curling – if the edges of your shingles lift upwards, it is a sign that the undersize of the shingles has swollen because it has absorbed airborne moisture. Curled and cupped shingles are no longer strong, they cannot stop water from penetrating the deeper layers of the roof, so they indicate damage that already is or is rapidly becoming serious;
  • Crazed cracking – the asphalt layer that forms the top layer of shingles can dry out over time and become cracked. The cracked shingles no longer provide adequate protection, so they need to be replaced as soon as they are noticed.  The best way to keep your roof strong is to have local Topeka roofing contractors perform annual roof inspections, and make the small repairs as needed.